The Relmar Isles

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The Adventure Begins
The first session for the adventurers in the Relmar Isles.

The party was hired by a halfling merchant, Nils Treadfoott to escort his caravan through dangerous country, from the mining village to seaport town Redminster.
During the journey, they made a fool of themselves trying to investigate the strange contents of the wagon Nils had.
On the way, they were attacked by bandits, which the party dispatched them with axe and boa constrictor.
Outside Redminster, the party was confronted by the guard Igor, who demanded papers from the party. Papers, they did not have. Lumiere went into flirting mode, and ended up getting the party in on the promise of a date with Igor.
Inside Redminster, the party went to the stables so they could buy horses with the coin they were paid by Nils Treadfoot. There they met Jonnis, the stable-boy. They found out about his love for Melisandre and offered to become relationship gurus and try and secure that love.
Melisandre was very hesitant, and creeped out by the party when they spoke to her at the Fawn’s Tree tavern, and made a quick exit. She was followed by Lumiere to see her conversing and hugging Igor, the very same Lumiere had managed to find herself in a date with.
The party then went to Jonnis, to try and find him, but they ended up finding his mum, who they asked if she was his wife, to which they received an angry slam of the door in their face.
Finally, our thief had her date. Igor took her to a very fine establishment considering him being a meagre guard, but he is a man with high ambitions, as he is desperate to be employee of the month. Igor took Lumiere to the Cuckoo Clock, where the famed bard Willem Sinthas was playing.
After small chat, Lumiere confronted her date about his standing with Melisandre, and the love triangle situation began to unfold. He was to wed her, but after he left to try and secure Ironwood for Redminster in Brokilon, he barely survived, and was missing a long time. Melisandre presumed him dead, and found herself getting close to Jonnis, the stable hand. Yet, Igor returned, and now Melisandre is torn between the two men. Igor also, is trying to take himself away from Melisandre with his chance encounter with Lumiere, but, alas, he still has strong feelings for the barkeeps daughter.
The session ended on the date as Igor suggested the party may be able to help him in some way…


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