Level 1 Human Thief


Lumiere had to get new clothes on a recent stop at Redminster. In an attempt to fashion a dress for a date, she ended up tearing her clothes to shreds, and as such had to buy new clothes. Lumiere now has a dark, hooded cloak, with red, inner linings she likes to brandish dramatically.
Wielding a dagger – short sword combo, Lumiere likes to use poison to give her an edge on the situation.
She has impressive dexterity, gracefully darting across the battlefield, and if she’s caught in trouble, she’ll flirt and smooth talk her way out of any situation.


Lumiere, a daring rogue, grew up in the Relmar Isles. Without a family – she never knew her parents, Lumiere was an orphan without a home. Growing up a street urchin on the poverty-stricken streets of Redminster, she quickly began how to steal and fast talk her way into making a living from ‘profiting’ from the wealthy, upper class areas of the large, seaside town.


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