Level 1 Human Ranger


Cleopatra, a long-forgotten Queen has royalty in her blood. Her archery is lethal, and her knowledge of how to survive in the wilds is un-paralleled, as she learnt so much as she escaped from Aysria. With her owl, Caesar and her adventuring companions, she seeks her destiny.


She is a long lost queen of the kingdom of Aysria, and was crowned at nine years old, when her wizard of an uncle died mysterious. It is a small kingdom made mainly of forest and water, with few villages and few farmers because of the often mountainous landscape. The lonely queen lived isolated in her uncle’s castle surrounded by mist. Yet every full moon, a dancer was sent to entertain the queen and her lover over a banquet. Cleopatra soon developed a seemingly strange hate for the cultural dancing of flamenco in her kingdom. She sent an assassin for the dancer and banned all dancing. Rumours went that the dancer had slept with Cleopatra’s lover. Asyria lost many battles, having lost the strong hand of her uncle, and demanded more horses from the crown. Instead Cleopatra slaughtered two thousand horses, saving her own beloved beast, and the Asyria people rose in a revulution meant to cost the queen her life. That it is what the people of Asyria still beleive, but they were soon captured by the powerful Kopnitites, who added the small expanse of green land to their own empire, seeking to push Asyrian culture back into rabbits burrows in now Kopnitite soil.
As for Cleopatra, she has sought to forget her past ever since the loss of her horse, and travel with her new companions and Caesar, her owl, evermore.


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